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Related Links

On this page I'll include some of my favorite places on the web, along with an explanation of what I like about each site.

Children's author Aaron Shephard imparts some valuable advice to young authors on this page. Follow his suggestions for good storytelling, try his writing activities, or check out some of his recommended books for budding authors.

Aaron's Young Author Page

This site has lots of ways for young authors to practice their craft and publish online: write a mystery, review a book or a game, or add a paragraph to an ongoing story.

Candlelight Stories

The Write Site covers topics dealing with U.S. newspaper history, lessons on sharpening journalism and research skills, and lists of resources for your students to explore this career. Teachers might want to check out the Editor's Desk for access to great lesson plans and activities celebrating the printed word.

The Write Site

Publish your news stories, personal essays, creative writing, or just your thoughts on this online kid's newspaper. Visitors may read author profiles and chat is a sports area, or read about the latest award-winning young authors.


Education place

Salon Hogar

Author Shakespeare


Primary Games

My pre-teen girl loves to visit an english jokes site call

María López Ponce Elementary School of Puerto Rico